Ah, the picturesque plains of North Dakota, where the wind whispers sweet nothings across the open expanse until, suddenly, it decides to throw a tornado party.

For those who haven't quite grasped the concept, here's a rundown of what not to do when Mother Nature decides to shake things up with a twister:

Playing Russian Roulette with Tornado Warnings:

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So you think those pesky tornado warnings are just crying wolf? Think again. These alerts aren't the product of some meteorological prankster; they're based on real data indicating a real threat. Ignoring them is akin to playing a game of chance with your life. Spoiler alert: the house always wins.

Procrastination: The Ultimate Survival Strategy:

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Waiting until the last minute to take shelter might sound like a thrilling game of chicken with the elements, but trust me, the tornado won't be impressed. Acting promptly upon receiving a warning is a far better strategy than waiting until you can practically see the thing bearing down on you.

Choosing Flimsy Structures as Your Tornado Hideout:

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Mobile homes, trailers, and flimsy buildings might have their charms, but surviving a tornado isn't one of them. If you're serious about staying alive, opt for something a bit sturdier, preferably with a basement or at least a room on the lowest floor. Your life is worth more than Instagram likes.

Braving the Elements for the Perfect Storm Selfie:

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We get it, documenting your brush with nature's fury seems like a stellar idea for your social media feed. But here's a reality check: tornadoes couldn't care less about your online presence. Venturing outdoors or attempting to outrun a tornado in your car is a surefire way to land yourself in the Darwin Awards.


Thinking Highway Overpasses Are Tornado Hideouts:

Newsflash: highway overpasses are not tornado shelters. Seeking refuge under one during a tornado is about as effective as using a sieve to bail out a sinking ship. Find a low-lying area, like a ditch, and pray for the best—it's your best shot at survival.

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Neglecting to Plan Ahead:

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Ah, the timeless wisdom of "winging it" in the face of disaster. Spoiler alert: it doesn't work. Take the time to develop a tornado safety plan for you and your loved ones. Sure, it might require some effort, but it beats the alternative of being caught off guard and regretting your lack of foresight.

Ignore Meteorologists in favor of a Dude in an F-150:

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Storm chasers who are more interested in snapping a good picture, and the thrill of the chase instead of the science in understanding tornadoes may not be, nor should be, your first source of information.

Don't get it twisted (pun intended), there are some fantastic storm chasers who are in it for the right reasons.  However, you should stick to meteorologists who routinely cover your area, as well as NOAA. It's always a good idea to have two sources to depend on when wicked weather comes-a-knocking

So there you have it, folks. When it comes to dealing with tornadoes in North Dakota, the key is to ditch the amateur hour antics and embrace a little thing called common sense.

Stay safe out there, and may the winds be ever in your favor.

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