Winter officially started on Wednesday, and it has been a brutal few days leading up to the winter solstice. We have all been shoveling endlessly, and keep adding layers because of all the artic air blowing through the region. We all that we have gone through so far, you might be wondering if we have set any record lows so far. As of today, it appears not. So, it's time to look go over all the records and look at the coldest days for Williston.

-50 degrees. February 16, 1936

The year's top story: The Rural Electrification Act became law, bringing electricity to the more remote parts of the country.


-49 degrees. February 4, 1907

The year's top story: Oklahoma becomes the country's 46th state.

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-47 degrees. February 15, 1936

The year's top story: Hoover Dam was completed in March of 1936.
Hoover Dam

-46 degrees. February 15, 1903

The year's top story: The Wright brothers make aviation history with their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
Wright Brothers

 -45 degrees. February 3, 1907

The year's top story: The Thor washing machine was introduced by Hurley Machine Company of Chicago.
Thor Washing Machine

 -42 degrees.

This is a bit tricky. We hit -42 degrees three times in the past. The dates were January 15, 1907, January 11, 1912 and January 12, 1916. The year's top story was The steamship Larchmont collides with the Harry Hamilton in Long Island Sound; 183 lives are lost.
SS Larchmont steaming out of harbor on a nice day

-41 degrees.

We hit -41 degrees three times in the past. The dates were February 8, 1899, January 14, 1907 and January 13, 1916. The year's top story was on February 6 – Spanish–American War: A peace treaty between the United States and Spain is ratified by the United States Senate.


We have a long road ahead with this winter season underway. The temps i covered were some of the coldest recorded. If you want to see more of the low temps Williston has dipped to in the past, click here. Stay warm this winter, and keep your fingers crossed that we don't see -50 in the days ahead!

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