We have all been there, at a grocery store or department store and ready to head back home after picking up way more than you came for.

The checkout lines are extremely long and seemingly not moving at all, so you decide to head on over to the self-checkout line to just get the heck out of dodge.

However, you may be soon forced to wait in those long lines if you need more than just a few items, and the store implementing the new procedure is rather shocking.

It's none other than Target.

Target, just announced that they would be making some changes to their self-checkouts, which include limiting the number of items you can scan down to 10, instead of however much is in your cart.

The move may be turning a once great place to get your day-to-day necessities, into yet another local that shoppers dread to step foot in.

While the rule hasn't hit it's locations in Minnesota, Montana, or North Dakota YET, it has already begun in Michigan.

This news comes after Walmart revealed that they will be removing self-checkout kiosks at select locations

The retailer already removed self-checkout lanes from three stores in New Mexico last year. The decision was based on feedback from employees and customers, shopping behavior, and business needs at those particular locations.

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There has been a constant battle of the last few years whether to expand or limit self checkout in stores.  Those in favor of the do-it-yourself method want to skip the lines and get on with their day, while opponents are leaning on both nostalgia of times of yore when you could chit chat with your favorite cashier, as well as fretting about the bottom line of multi-billion dollar corporations.

However you land on the argument, it's safe to say it will make your stay at Target, Walmart, and other stores longer and, most likely, more annoying.

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