McDonald's breakfast has become ubiquitous across much of the nation, including here in North Dakota, but with rising prices at the golden arches, that may change.

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Several popular social media posts in the past few months have criticized the fast food chain for its prices and serving sizes. Diners recently raised alarms over shrinkflation as the Filet-O-Fish sandwich allegedly decreased in size after posting footage on TikTok. A notion that McDonald's has rejected.

Angry McDonald's customers have moved on to something else on the menu.

Is the Price of McDonald's Breakfast Now Different?

Eat This, Not That!, a food blog, has pointed out that the Egg McMuffin from McDonald's is getting more and more hate speech online. "Revealed just how expensive some fast-food eateries have become, and customers are sounding off about the price increases on social media," the website said, referencing a recent post from an investment group in New York.

Earlier this week, Bespoke on X (previously Twitter) posted an image of a McDonald's receipt. Two Egg McMuffins, totaling $14.58, were one of the things listed on the receipt.

"What on earth has happened?" the post asks. "These were 2 for $2 pretty recently."

Delish has been covering the price increases at McDonald's since the end of last year. While prices were at an all-time high, McDonald's reported record revenue, according to one story.

"Rising dissatisfaction over pricing at the fast food restaurant seems to be at an all-time high following news that McDonald's pulled in $6.69 billion in revenue in a span of three months," according to Delish.

Just how much have menu prices increased?

In Williston, a Big Mack combo meal will set you back $11.39; however, way over in Darien, Connecticut, you can expect to pay as much as $18 for a Big Mac meal.

Customers have previously turned to social media to express their frustration over the fact that the restaurant's dollar menu lacks items that actually cost $1.

Earlier this month, a user on Reddit posed the question, "What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become?" As you can likely guess, one of the top answers was fast food. Additionally, several of the most liked comments took direct aim at McDonald's.

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