It's become a frequent occurrence: warnings of new scams circulating, often with our elderly population as the primary target.

The prevalence of these schemes is staggering, as seen in the daily barrage of phishing attempts bombarding seniors through texts and emails.

Seniors Remain Vulnerable Despite Precautions

Even with precautions like being on the "do not call" list and knowing how to block numbers, many seniors remain vulnerable, facing multiple scam attempts daily. Recently, a particularly insidious scam has emerged in North Dakota, specifically targeting Medicare enrollees.

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Warning: Medicare Scammers Exploit Free Services Offer to Obtain Personal Information

According to a report by KPAX TV, scammers are contacting individuals on Medicare, offering free services or medical equipment, and then requesting their Medicare numbers. Aging services in counties across the nation, including North Dakota, are issuing stern warnings against falling for such tactics.

They stress that any offer of free products or services followed by a request for a Medicare number should raise immediate red flags, prompting recipients to terminate the call without hesitation. The most prevalent scam currently involves offers related to catheters and other medical equipment.

Dangerous Deception: Scammers Exploit Medicare Info for Fraudulent Schemes

Scammers employ various narratives, claiming they require Medicare information to resolve debts, offer grant money, or verify medical claims. The consequences of these scams range from direct theft to the use of victims' personal information for fraudulent activities.

In response, it's crucial for Medicare enrollees and their families to remain vigilant, recognize the warning signs, and take proactive measures to safeguard against such fraudulent schemes.

What To Do If Someone Tries To Scam Or Succeeds In Scamming You

  • If somebody requests your Medicare number for goods or services, hang up.
  • Do not accept medical equipment deliveries unless you know the provider has requested it.
  • Scan your Explanation of Benefits for things you didn't order or get
  • Only your provider will request your information.
  • Call 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) if you think you've been scammed.  You can also click here to report.

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