I've noticed several people riding motorcycles in recent days. When used properly, they may be a fantastic source of entertainment.

Having said that, I have watched two distinct incidents in which a motorcycle driver could have been severely injured. One was where the man was doing a wheelie traveling east on 26th Street in Williston, and the other was weaving in and out of traffic on Highway 2 just west of Williston, going very fast. On each occasion, my heart stopped because they were ready to lose control of their bikes. And this has already happened in April.

Now I know what you're saying:

  • I know how to ride.
  • I am careful.
  • I can handle it.
  • It's all in fun

Until you or someone else gets hurt.

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Motorcycle Accident

Vision Zero and ABATE Leading Motorcycle Safety Education in North Dakota

In North Dakota, organizations like Vision Zero and American Bikers Aiming Toward Education (ABATE) are championing motorcycle safety through education. With preliminary data revealing a decrease in motorcycle crash fatalities from 2022 to 2023, but still remaining twice as high as in 2021, the call for safer riding practices becomes ever more urgent.

Lonnie Bertsch from ABATE emphasizes the importance of responsibility and skill enhancement through rider safety courses. He advocates for the adoption of the "Wear All the Gear, All the Time" (ATGATT) mantra, underscoring the significance of protective gear in mitigating risks.

Motorcycle Accident

John Boury, a Northwood resident, attests to the life-saving potential of helmets. His personal experience underscores the critical role of protective gear in preventing severe injuries.

North Dakota's Comprehensive Summer Courses Ensure Safe Road Navigation for Motorcyclists

To facilitate skill development and safety awareness, North Dakota offers both basic and experienced rider courses throughout the summer. These courses serve as invaluable resources for riders of all skill levels, providing them with the knowledge and techniques necessary to navigate roads safely.

For those interested in enrolling in a motorcycle safety course, information can be found here. Additionally, Vision Zero's website offers further insights into motorcycle safety initiatives and success stories from local riders.

As motorcycle enthusiasts embrace the freedom of the open road, it's imperative to prioritize safety at every turn. By investing in education and adopting safe riding practices, riders can enjoy their journeys with confidence and peace of mind.

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