North Dakota has taken a significant step forward in enhancing roadside safety with the recent expansion of the Move Over Law. The updated legislation now mandates motorists to move over for any stationary motor vehicle displaying flashing hazard warning signals. This includes emergency vehicles, transportation department vehicles, and any other stopped motor vehicles. Drivers are required to shift to an adjacent lane and decrease their speed to a safe level when passing such vehicles, aiming to prevent accidents and safeguard those involved in roadside incidents.

Sergeant Jenna Clawson Huibregtse Affirms the Vital Role of North Dakota's Expanded Move Over Law in Road Safety

"The expanded Move Over Law reinforces our commitment to protecting the lives of all vehicle occupants," stated Sergeant Jenna Clawson Huibregtse of the North Dakota Highway Patrol. "By requiring drivers to move over and slow down when approaching stopped vehicles with flashing lights, we are taking proactive measures to prevent crashes and ensure the well-being of everyone on our roads."

Trooper's Testimony: Highlighting the Vital Importance of the Move Over Law

To illustrate the importance of this law, a new video produced by Vision Zero in collaboration with the North Dakota Highway Patrol features Trooper Eric Rumple's firsthand experience. Trooper Rumple emphasizes the critical seconds that can determine life or death in roadside situations. "The Move Over Law is in place to give those working or stopped on the side of the road the space they need to be safe. This video illustrates how a second or less makes the difference between life and death. I still get chills watching this, realizing how close this semi came to hitting me and the vehicle on the side of the road," said Trooper Rumple.

Just watching the video alone scared me to death! Keep in mind that this legislative enhancement not only protects emergency personnel and transportation workers but also extends its benefits to all individuals requiring assistance on the roadside. For further information on traffic safety initiatives, click here. The North Dakota Department of Transportation continues to prioritize safety on its roadways through such proactive measures.

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