TrainND Foundation is pleased to announce two $4,000 CDL training scholarships for transportation professionals. The foundation's $8,000 scholarships demonstrate its commitment to local talent and workforce development. One scholarship is open to the public, while the other is for Williams County graduates, demonstrating TrainND's dedication to local job success.

The scholarships are available for TrainND's 4-week CDL training sessions in Williston, Dickinson, and Minot, as well as the Fast Track program. This broad accessibility allows aspiring CDL professionals in all regions to receive support.

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Applications for these scholarships are accepted from May 1 to May 31, with selection announcements on June 21. The TrainND Foundation intends to make these grants available to those who may not qualify for other aid.

Before applying for TrainND Foundation scholarships, applicants must apply for WIOA and/or Veteran's Benefits. WIOA scholarships and veteran's benefits disqualify applicants for TrainND Foundation awards.

TrainND Northwest's Executive Director Encourages Applicants

TrainND Northwest Executive Director Kenley Nebeker stressed the foundation's support for transportation enthusiasts. "These scholarships represent our commitment to supporting individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in the transportation industry," he stated. "We encourage applicants to take advantage of this opportunity and apply, ensuring they have the necessary resources to achieve their career goals."

TrainND Foundation's $4,000 CDL Training Scholarship Details

The $4,000 CDL Training Scholarship requires a 10% deposit upon registration and the remainder two weeks before class starts. If needed, applicants can cancel for a full refund or transfer to another class. TrainND Foundation recommends contacting local job services or for WIOA financial assistance.

TrainND Foundation stays committed to workforce development and enabling access to high-demand industries. For CDL Training Scholarship information and application, visit the TrainND Foundation website or contact Lindsee Reynen at 701-713-3782.

TrainND Foundation's Scholarships Inspire Pursuit of Transportation Careers

These grants are more than financial aid—they encourage people to pursue transportation careers. The TrainND Foundation builds careers and communities by investing in local talent and providing accessible pathways. Start your rewarding transportation career today by applying.

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