We have all seen the trifold and bifold wallets that are packed so tightly that it's a wonder that they don't explode, not to mention all the stress they can put on your back.

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.However, there is one thing that the federal government says that you shouldn't pack around with you to add bulk to a wallet already overstuffed with Hardee's receipts.

Authorities strongly warn you not to carry around your social security card.

Scammers are the main reason that you don't want your SSN to be made public by someone placing it online.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft cases in North Dakota increased from 448 in 2018 to 848 in 2021. This is an 89% increase over the past four years. 

You can report identity theft at identitytheft.gov. This site provides resources like checklists and sample letters.

You can also contact the North Dakota Attorney General for information on credit and security freezes. Their phone number is (701) 328-2210.

You can also contact the ND Secretary of State for issues regarding voting and laws. Their website is sos.nd.gov. 

Social Security Cards are only required as an identification document in Pennsylvania, which requires its residents to present a physical Social Security card when applying for RealID.

North Dakota and all other states only need your Social Security Number and a backup form of identification.

The IRS doesn't even require an actual card; they just need to know your number.

If you happen to misplace or believe that your Social Security card is stolen, then take immediate steps to protect your identity and credit.

The federal government stresses that you protect and safeguard your Social Security number.

If you have the actual physical card in your wallet, take it out and put it in a safe place with your birth certificate, your passport, and other important documents.

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