One week from now comes Thanksgiving. Those individuals who have a passion for cooking, baking, and barbecuing will be in the spotlight at this time. When I was a kid, I used to stand in the kitchen and stare in amazement as I watched my mother effortlessly move about the room while she prepared Thanksgiving dinner. It was always the same routine, regardless of whether we were going to Stanley or Watford City for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was delicious in every way! Because I am not a very good cook, I am well aware that I would not even come close to competing today. On our respective Facebook sites, I thought it could be interesting for us to ask the question, "What piece of advice would you give to someone who is getting ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the very first time?" The responses didn't disappoint.

Here are the best ones:

  • Remember to take the giblets out before cooking the turkey
  • Roast turkey and slice a day or two before; warm in the crockpot with chicken broth the day of. I go ahead and make gravy early as well.
  • Do as much prepping the day before
  • It is work so make sure you get plenty of sleep the day before you start cooking the turkey dinner.
  • Do not start drinking too early in the day!
  • Cook the turkey, and pies and peel the potatoes the day before

As we approach this cherished holiday, armed with newfound insights and the warmth of shared memories, I extend my heartfelt wishes for a Thanksgiving filled with not only delicious dishes but also the joy of creating lasting traditions. Cheers to a bountiful Thanksgiving celebration!

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