Yes, you were ready to rage after reading another article about how inflation is skyrocketing, making everything more expensive, but not so fast, my friend.

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The shocking part is that for 2023, the average price of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people will actually decrease to $61.17, down nearly three dollars from last year. In 2022, the average price of a complete Thanksgiving meal in the US was $64.05.

Surely, that can't be an entire meal, but that price tag is what it costs to feed a family of 10 with a meal that consists of turkey, bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, and cranberries, as well as a relish tray with carrots and celery, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee and milk drinks.

So yes, the price is down slightly from last year, but there is still plenty of room to go before we get back to 2020, which had a price tag of $46.90, but at least things aren't getting any more expensive.

The Other Price You Pay

Americans take in 3,000 calories and 150–200 grams of fat at their Thanksgiving celebrations, according to estimates by the Calorie Control Council. And that doesn't count going back for a second wave of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and gravy, which can tack on perhaps another 1,500 calories, not to mention desert and the obligatory leftover sandwich later in the day.

So while Thanksgiving may not be as hard on your wallet this year as it was last, that doesn't mean you have to take it easy on your waistband.

Thanksgiving dinner is a competitive sport; show them who is boss by claiming the last turkey leg, dunk it right in the gravy boat, make aggressive eye contact while you eat it, wipe your mouth on the curtains, and go on a much-deserved walk with your favorite cousin.

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