Williston, ND (KEYZ) Nestled into an old county building 105, Caleb and Micki Hinricksen have embarked on a new venture with Pit 105. The perfect match to pair with Busted Knuckle Brewery after they announced that they were opening their doors in Williston was a no brainer. Caleb has been overwhelmed by the public response so far, and the results have been speaking for themselves. "Brisket, that's the first thing that we run out of, and then ribs second. We'll find that happy medium, we use prime grade brisket out of Aberdeen South Dakota, and I've been smoking one more brisket every day."

Caleb is no stranger to BBQ or the restaurant industry having ran, along with business partners, Mississippi BBQ as well as Pita Palace. Before food became his career, Hinicksen previously worked for 12 years as a crane operator. However, through a long road of hard work and happenstances he found his way to his passion for food.

Pit 105's success isn't something that happened overnight, but the process of feeding hungry patrons certainly is. "Briskets are taking 14-16 hours, pork butts are about 12-13, and the ribs are about 6. Briskets and pork butts we'll load up the night before, and when we get here in the morning we'll load up the ribs and chicken." With meat being slow cooked daily, Pit 105 is off to a smoking start.

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