Day number two for the 14 year old 2022 Babe Ruth World Series is in the books

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Saturday, August 13, 2022
Game #111:00 AMSouthwest116
Pacific Southwest
Game #21:30 PMNew England20Ohio Valley
Game #35:30 PMSoutheast30
North Dakota State Champion
Game #48:00 PMMidwest Plains94Williston
Sunday, August 14, 2022
Game #511:00 AMMiddle Atlantic310Ohio Valley
Game #61:30 PMPacific Northwest18Southeast
Game #75:30 PMPacific Southwest151
North Dakota State Champion
Game #88:00 PMWilliston216New England

After day number two, here is the official pool standings.  These will be updated daily to keep you up to date on who has the best chance to move on to the knockout round for the 2022 Babe Ruth World Series.

American Division
New England Norfolk, Massachusetts20
Midwest Plains Fargo, North Dakota10
Ohio Valley Eau Claire, Wisconsin11
Middle Atlantic Mifflin County, Pennsylvania01
Host - Williston North Dakota02
National Division
Pacific Southwest Tri-Valley, California20
Southeast Tallahassee, Florida20
Southwest Arkadelphia, Arkansas01
Pacific Northwest Puyallup, Washington01
North Dakota State Champion West Fargo02

Here is the lineup for Sunday's games that can be watched live at Ardeen Aafedt Stadium in Williston, or listened to live on 660 KEYZ Radio, on the 660 KEYZ Radio app, and on

The rest of the tournament schedule as follows:

#9 Mifflin County, Pennsylvania -vs- Fargo, North Dakota 11:00 AM Aug 15

#10 Puyallup, Washington -vs- Tri-Valley, California 1:30 PM Aug 15

#11 West Fargo, North Dakota -vs- Arkadelphia, Arkansas 5:30 PM Aug 15

#12 Williston, North Dakota -vs- Eau Claire, Wisconsin 8:00 PM Aug 15

#13 Tallahassee, Florida -vs- Arkadelphia, Arkansas 11:00 AM Aug 16

#14 Puyallup, Washington -vs- West Fargo, North Dakota 1:30 PM Aug 16

#15 Norfolk, Massachusetts -vs- Mifflin County, Pennsylvania 5:30 PM Aug 16

#16 Fargo, North Dakota -vs- Eau Claire, Wisconsin 8:00 PM Aug 16

#17 Tri-Valley, California -vs- Tallahassee, Florida 11:00 AM Aug 17

#18 Arkadelphia, Arkansas -vs- Puyallup, Washington 1:30 PM Aug 17

#19 Fargo, North Dakota -vs- Norfolk, Massachusetts 5:30 PM Aug 17

#20 Mifflin County, Pennsylvania -vs- Williston, North Dakota 8:00 PM Aug 17

#21 TBD TBD 5:00 PM Aug 18

#22 TBD TBD 8:00 PM Aug 18

#23 TBD TBD 5:00 PM Aug 19

#24 TBD TBD 8:00 PM Aug 19

#25 TBD TBD 1:00 PM Aug 20

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