The fight continues against those pesky mosquitoes! Williams County is bringing in the big guns to keep the pests away. We will hear, see, and possibly feel when the Air Force arrives! In the article posted yesterday, we said the county will be spraying tonight in the city. You can read more on that here.

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Submitted Photo
Spraying for mosquitoes

In collaboration with the Williston Vector Control District, the United States Air Force Reserve (USAFR) Youngstown Air Reserve Station, 910th Airlift Wing will be conducting a wide-area larvicide mission south of Williston along the Missouri River between Wednesday, May 31 and Thursday, June 8, weather and conditions permitting.

The public may see a large military aircraft flying at low elevations. Larvicide missions target mosquito larvae and prevent them from becoming biting adult mosquitos. This is the city and the county trying to make things better for all our residents. There are a few things you can do as well.
  1. Eliminate Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so one of the most effective ways to reduce their numbers is by removing any standing water around your property. Regularly empty and clean birdbaths, flower pots, buckets, and other containers that collect water. Ensure that gutters are clean and properly draining, and fix any outdoor leaks or puddles that can accumulate water.
  2. Maintain Your Yard: Mosquitoes are attracted to overgrown vegetation, so keeping your yard well-maintained can help reduce their presence. Trim tall grass, bushes, and shrubs regularly to eliminate potential resting places for mosquitoes. Remove any debris or piles of leaves where mosquitoes may hide or breed.
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