The Williston Police Department continues to work hard at keeping crime at bay in the city known as the Western Star.

Williston Police Chief, David Peterson, released the department's annual report to city commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday night.
Williston Police Chief David Peterson

Chief Peterson reported that the department handled more than 37,000 calls last year While that number seems large, it is fewer than the two years prior. Chief Peterson went on to say his department witnessed an increase in drug and domestic violence-related calls last year.
Williston Police K9 Officers/Dogs

Williston police used their three K9 units to seize thousands of dollars in drugs, including more than 600 grams of heroin, 2300 fentanyl pills, and 3500 grams of methamphetamine. With the number of drugs seized, the department reported 48 overdoses and 5 drug-related deaths. Peterson also reported that Narcan was administered 17 times in 2022.

The report went on to say there were no homicides or murders in the city of Williston for the second year in a row.

Traffic accidents for 2022 were up from last year as well. There were 529 auto accidents in Williston last year, up from 460 in 2021.

The numbers listed above are part of the job of keeping Williston safe.

Let's take a look at some other numbers. There are several members of the WPD that deserve recognition for all their years of service to the citizens of Williston. We are a better and safer community with all of these people doing what they do daily.

All deserve a salute, but these people listed have served for 15 years, or more.

  • Deputy Chief Steven Armstrong - 15 years of service
  • Records Administrator Crystal Schaubel - 16 years of service
  • Administrative Clerk Kevin Craft - 17 years of service
  • Sergent Randy Haugenoe - 21 years of service
  • Chief Dave Peterson - 23 years of service
  • Lieutenant Michael Wilson - 27 years of service
  • Captain Steve Gutknecht - 29 years of service
  • Office Administrator Linda Granbois - 53 years of service

You can read the full report here.

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