On January 25, 2024, the Williston Police Department responded to a distressing call in the 1300 block of 15th Ave W, reporting a possible gunshot victim at approximately 12:59 pm. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered a male victim with a potential gunshot injury. Preliminary information suggested a connection to the Harvest Hills area of Williston, prompting an increased police presence in the vicinity.

As a precautionary measure, additional police officers were stationed in and around Williston High School due to its proximity to Harvest Hills, ensuring the safety of the community and students. The authorities worked diligently to gather evidence and information related to the incident, assuring the public that the situation was under control.

In an update on February 2, 2024, the Williston Police Department announced a significant development in the case. At approximately 11:04 am, they arrested Jordan Griffith on the charge of attempted murder. The attempted murder charge was directly linked to the shooting incident that transpired on January 25th within the Williston community.


The arrest of Griffith is a crucial step forward in resolving the case, and the Williston Police Department expresses gratitude for the community's patience and cooperation throughout the investigation. As the legal process unfolds, authorities will continue to work diligently to ensure justice is served and to maintain the safety and security of the Williston community.

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