A string of unsettling incidents in recent days have rocked the Williston school community and forced 3 incidents that had police and school officials on high alert.

The first of which occurred when reports emerged of an individual shooting a gun near Harmon Park, which is close to two schools, prompting authorities to implement precautionary measures to ensure the safety of students and staff.

March 22 Incident

Subsequently, two additional incidents were initiated at the middle school following the discovery of threats written and left within the school premises.

March 26 Incident
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March 27 Incident

These issues have undoubtedly left parents, students, and faculty members on edge, raising concerns about the security protocols in place and the overall safety of the school environment.  The potential threats within a short timeframe underscore the need for proper security measures and swift responses to any perceived threats.

However, it also prompts reflection on the balance between maintaining a safe learning environment and the potential disruption caused by a secure or lockdown situation, regardless of frequency.

As the Williston community grapples with the surge of emotion that comes with every incident at our schools, it is crucial to engage in constructive dialogue and review the effectiveness of existing safety protocols.

Our law enforcement personnel, school administration, and staff cannot be thanked enough for the work they do, especially in the face of fear and panic.

While the decision to enforce "secure" or "lockdown" in response to potential threats is aimed at safeguarding lives and preventing harm, social media has been awash with questions over whether such actions were justified.

Do our schools need to go into secure or lockdown scenarios?

What if it's not a false alarm or a hoax and no action is taken?

By fostering open communication and civic collaboration, schools can work towards implementing measures that continue to prioritize safety without unduly disrupting the educational experience.

What are your thoughts?

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