North Dakota has a lot to offer. We have tons of great farmland, beautiful countrysides and wonderful small towns that have people that are just "North Dakota nice."

There are some towns where things are not so nice, and have crime rates that are not so good. Let's take a look at the top 5 cities in North Dakota with the worst crime index. This top 5 comes from

What is crime index

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, compiles and releases crime statistics from all throughout the nation each year. The National Uniform Crime Report or the crime index are the outcomes of these data. A specific list of offenses that are measured and reported annually is provided by the index. In an effort to provide a uniform approach to law enforcement, the index helps create standards for defining each crime across jurisdictions. This also allows the FBI to provide meaningful statistics to the population by comparing the types of crime in the index that appear to be categorized, defined and charged similarly across the states.

Remember, don't shoot the messenger.

5. Grand Forks
Welcome To Grand Forks

Alexander Griggs, a steamboat captain, is regarded as "The Father of Grand Forks". Griggs' steamboat froze in the Red River on a voyage in late 1870, forcing the captain and his crew to spend the winter camping at Grand Forks. Griggs platted a community in 1875, and Grand Forks was officially incorporated on February 22, 1881. Griggs would not be happy today as "his" city is has the 5th worst crime index in the state.

4. Emerado

This town is located near the Grand Forks Air Base. The 2020 census shows the population of this town has 443 people. They say big things come in small packages...Emerado comes in with the 4th worst crime index in the state.
Welcome To Fargo

3. Fargo

North Dakota's biggest city was founded way back in 1871 on the Red River of the North floodplain. The 2020 census puts the population at 125,990. Due to lax divorce rules in the 1880s, Fargo was known as the "divorce capital" of the Midwest. On June 7, 1893, a significant fire decimated 31 blocks of downtown Fargo, but the city was swiftly rebuilt with new brick structures, streets, and a water system. Within a year, more than 246 new structures were constructed. There were numerous rumors floating about about what started the fire. Fargo comes in 3rd for worst crime index in the state.
Welcome To Williston

2. Williston

The Western Star made the list. Williston was founded back in 1887, and was named for Daniel Willis James, a merchant and capitalist, by his friend, railroad magnate James J. Hill. The 2020 census puts our population around 29,160 making Williston the sixth-largest city in North Dakota. The city's population nearly doubled between 2010 and 2020, due largely to the North Dakota oil boom. Williston comes in 2nd for worst crime index in the state.
Devils Lake

1. Devils Lake

The neighboring body of water known as Devils Lake inspired the name of the larger lake. At 1882, the first home in Devils Lake was constructed. After the surveyor, Heber M. Creel, it was first called Creelsburg and eventually Creel City. It was renamed Devils Lake in 1884.

You might be wondering where some other area towns came in on the list.

11. Minot

12. Watford City

13. Tioga

14. Killdeer

16. Dickinson

17. Powers Lake

19. Belfield

31. New Town

43. Stanley

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