Big changes could be coming to Target stores in North Dakota, and shoppers are buzzing about the latest announcement. Starting soon, a new rule will limit the number of items you can scan at self-checkout to just ten. That's right, ten items! Whether this change is a time-saver or a grocery bagging headache is still up for debate.

Self-Bagging Dilemma: Is Target's New Rule a Blessing or a Bother?

As a self-proclaimed hater of self-bagging, this new rule leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand, it's fantastic that I won't be standing there forever, trying to fit a week’s worth of groceries into those flimsy plastic bags. On the other hand, what am I supposed to do when my cart is overflowing with more than ten items? Will I be forced to break up my shopping into multiple transactions or – gasp – wait in line for a human cashier?

Quick Shopping Interrupted: Target's 10-Item Limit at Self-Checkout Causes Concern

For those of us who love a quick in-and-out shopping experience, this new rule might feel like a snag. Imagine this: you're breezing through the aisles, your cart is full, and then bam! You hit the self-checkout with your 25 items, only to remember, you can only scan ten. It looks like it’s back to those long, winding cashier lines. Either way, it's fine with me, because it's Target!

Whether you see this as a clever way to speed things up or a stumbling block on your shopping journey, one thing is for sure: Target shoppers in North Dakota will need to strategize their trips a bit more.

Here’s hoping this potential change brings more smiles than sighs as we all adjust to the new self-checkout shuffle!

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