If you are not familiar with podcasts, they have grown to be very popular among listeners of all ages, and the topics are limitless. Whatever the format, it's wonderful that many of these podcasts are free, that you can listen to them at your convenience on a computer or even on a phone, and that you can now watch the participants IN PERSON.

Friday, September 15th in Sidney at Meadowlark Brewing and Tuesday, September 19th at River's Edge in Williston. Doors open at 5:00 pm Recording begins both nights at 7:00 pm local time.

It's difficult to imagine murder mixing in with Midwest nice but hold on to your hotdish. You can join this dynamic duo at Midwest Murder LIVE where hosts, Jonah and Dawn, present delicate and devious situations with compassion and a little humor. They do the research, they have the chemistry, and fans get the murder.

Sometimes the details of the most horrific crimes that happen in our neighborhoods are lost in the back pages of newspapers, forgotten on our news channels, and eventually erased over time. Midwest Murder LIVE is much more than a podcast recording, it’s an experience presented by two genuine people with a passion for storytelling.

This show will not shy away from the morbid details of these horrific events and the often ugly truths behind them. What you will hear is a detailed timeline of events, perspectives from those closely involved, and analysis by experts.

Not only do you get to hear new Midwest Murder episodes before they’re made available to the public, you also get to be part of the audience Q&A where fans can ask Dawn & Jonah anything. This is exclusive to Midwest Murder LIVE.

These are ticketed events with limited seating.
September 15th • @meadowlarkbrewing • Sidney, MT
September 19th • @riversedgebar • Williston, ND
September 20th • @rpzoominot • Minot, ND
October 4th • @bellemehus • Bismarck, ND
October 5th • @sanctuaryevents • Fargo, ND

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