Marketplace for Kids, an event where students of all ages come to get a head-start on building skills for the future.

The event, held on the Williston State College Campus Friday April 21st, is organized by the statewide Marketplace for Kids organization, and a local Marketplace Advisory team.

Debbie Richter, co-chair of Marketplace for Kids, said she is always appreciative of WSC’s help. “We could not be in our 23rd year of Marketplace for Kids without the generous help of Williston State College!” she said.

Marketplace for Kids usually has about 950 kids and 100 volunteers in attendance. It offers a wide array of classes and programs that that give kids the tools to develop new ideas, while pursuing their personal and professional development skills.

Four classes are being taught by WSC faculty/ staff: “Volleyball Basics,” with WSC Teton Volleyball Coach Chelsea Hinck, which will teach the fundamentals of Volleyball.

“Solving Magic Cubes Using Spatial Reasoning,” with Associate Professor of Mathematics Amanda Davis, which will give a mathematical model of special geometry, the magic cube, better known as Rubik’s cube, named after Hungarian architect Erno Rubik. Each student will receive a cube and learn the standard moves and how to solve it.

“Fun with Polymers,” with Biology Instructor Matthew Singer. Polymers are long chains of repeating molecules. In this class, they’ll be performing a chemistry experiment by mixing Elmer’s Glue (a polymer) with Borax to cause the polymer strands to stick together and tangle up, which will give a ‘slimy’ result.

“How to Market Your Product,” the WSC marketing and recruiting team will talk about how they market the WSC logo, followed by a make your own logo project.

Other classes include: “Beekeeping Basics with Honey,” “UAS Operations,” and “Agriculture Fun Facts.”

Community members, representing various organizations, and other volunteers are usually on hand to ensure the overall success of the event.

For more information about WSC & Marketplace for Kids, please contact Brandon Delvo at, 701.774.4223.

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