Donkey Basketball came to Williston High School on Wednesday, April 5. There were a lot of laughs and lots of fun. Real donkeys, family friendly comedy, basketball games and dinner...what else more could you want?

Donkey Basketball was in the Jon Cole Gym and the line to get into the game reached all the way into the commons area at the high school.  A wonderful turnout, the gym was packed with spectators and the event was a great success, raising a total of $8000.

The event was a fundraiser for WHS fall - Homecoming 2023, and for two year old Willow Wahl, to help with her medical needs. Her parents, Ashley and Shawn Wahl are both Williston High School Alumni. There were jars at the tickets booths and concessions, and many people donated.

Event hosts were Karla Olson and Lola Suchy. Sponsors for the event were Sport About, Coca Cola, Cote Family and Gafkjen Farms. Concessions were open, and a benefit dinner was served by the Cote family in the Commons area, along with a bake sale. Proceeds from dinner and bake sale are for Willow.


Team 1- WHS Just Wants to Have Fun (80’s Theme) (WHS Teachers)

Team 2- The Plaid News Bears (Elementary Teachers)

Team 3- The Benchwarmers (Freshmen & Sophomores)

Team 4- Globe Trotters (Juniors & Seniors)

The games consisted of two  - 8 minute halves. The first game was between The Plaid News Bears (Elementary Teachers) vs The Benchwarmers (Freshman/Sophomores). The Benchwarmers came out on top. Mason Webber was a standout for The Benchwarmers.

The second game was between Globe Trotters (Juniors/Seniors)  taking on WHS Just Wants to Have Fun (WHS Teachers). The Globe Trotters defeated the teachers. The students won all the games. They gained their advantage early and the teachers couldn't catch up. Marc Davis (teacher) tried to score a number of times, but fell short with each shot.

There was a 10 minute halftime between the first two games. Elizabeth's Dance Expressions provided an excellent half time performance. During halftime after the dancers, the crowd was invited to come out on the floor and pet the donkeys.

The Benchwarmers then faced the Globe Trotters for the championship. It was the lower classmen vs the upper classmen. The Globe Trotters won the Championship game and bragging rights.

Donkey Basketball was presented by Donkey Sports, Inc of Entiat, Washington. The donkeys wear rubber shoes that will not mark or harm any kind of floor.

Williston Donkey Basketball 2023

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