Bismarck, ND (KEYZ) Fall hunting seasons are set to begin in North Dakota, and with that comes one very important reminder especially for deer bow hunting enthusiasts.

Baiting Prohibited When Hunting North Dakota's Big Game

Officials with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department are reminding the public that hunting big game over bait or baiting for any purpose is prohibited on almost all state and federal land. The restriction is in place to help slow the spread of chronic wasting disease, a deadly disease of deer, moose, and elk that can cause long-term population declines if left unchecked.

Prohibited bait includes grains, seeds, minerals, any naturally derived scent, or natural or manufactured food placed by an individual.

The department's Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Charlie Bahnson explains the connection between baiting and the spread of CWD.

"Baiting is one thing that does artificially increase congregation, more dear in a closer space for longer ultimately.  So thereby increasing the risk of transmission," says Bahnson.

North Dakota Game and Fish Department Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Charlie Bahnson / Courtesy of the ND Game & Fish Department
North Dakota Game and Fish Department Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Charlie Bahnson / Courtesy of the ND Game & Fish Department

Bahnson tells News Radio the disease is transmitted by direct contact between animals and also indirectly by coming into contact with bodily fluids out on the landscape.

For the entirety of News Radio's interview with Bahnson click Dr Bahnson on Baiting Restrictions.

White-Tailed Deer Buck
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What Hunting Units in Northwest North Dakota Have Baiting Restrictions?

There are several units in the northwest corner of the state where baiting has been prohibited since 2018 as cases of CWD were detected:

3A1; 3A2; 3A3; 3A4; 3B1

For the complete statewide list of hunting units where baiting is prohibited click here.

Additional Fall Hunting Seasons Launching in September and Beyond

Deer bow hunting season gets underway Friday, September 2, 2022 along with mountain lion season.  Other September openings include:

  • Dove season: Thursday, September 1;
  • Short-tailed grouse, ruffled grouse, partridge, and squirrel: September 10;
  • Youth deer: September 16;
  • Youth waterfowl: September 17;
  • Resident waterfowl: September 24.

Deer gun season opens November 4th and runs through November 20th.

Posted & Trespassing Laws To Know

Be excited about the upcoming hunting season, but know the laws first.

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