We asked an AI to write a D&D one shot adventure set in Williston to see what hijinks and high fantasy await intrepid adventures in the Mon-Dak.

With the recent success of the movie Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, as well as the enhanced popularity of the table top game in recent years thanks to shows like Stranger Things and the Twitch phenom Critical Roll, we wanted to see what a campaign set in the Bakken would look like.

Here is what the AI came up with, so roll for initiative:

Welcome to the Williston Chronicles, a DnD campaign set in the heart of North Dakota's oil country! In this adventure, the players will find themselves embroiled in the high-stakes world of fracking, corporate espionage, and ancient magic.

The campaign takes place in the fictional town of Blackstone, a small but rapidly growing community on the edge of the Bakken oil formation. The players are all residents of Blackstone, drawn together by a shared sense of adventure and a desire to protect their town from the forces that threaten it.

Chapter One: The Fracking Wells. The campaign begins with the players hearing rumors of strange happenings at the fracking wells outside of town. Local farmers are reporting that their livestock is becoming sick and dying, and some have even claimed to see strange, shadowy figures lurking around the wells at night. The players are hired by the town's mayor to investigate these reports and put an end to whatever is causing them.

As the players explore the fracking wells, they discover that they are not the only ones interested in what's going on. A rival oil company has been using underhanded tactics to gain access to the same oil reserves, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. The players must navigate the dangerous world of corporate espionage while also battling the supernatural forces that threaten the town.

Chapter Two: The Old Mansion While investigating the fracking wells, the players come across an old mansion on the edge of town. The mansion has been abandoned for years, but rumors persist that it is haunted by the ghosts of its former occupants. The players decide to investigate, hoping to uncover clues that will help them solve the mystery of the fracking wells.

Inside the mansion, the players discover a secret laboratory hidden deep beneath the house. The laboratory was once used by a group of scientists to conduct experiments on the ancient magic that is said to be buried beneath the Bakken formation. The players must navigate the laboratory's traps and puzzles while also dealing with the ghosts that haunt the mansion.

Chapter Three: The Final Showdown After piecing together the clues they've uncovered, the players realize that the strange happenings at the fracking wells are being caused by an ancient magic that has been unleashed by the fracking process. The rival oil company has been using this magic to gain an unfair advantage over their competition, but in doing so they have unleashed a powerful force that threatens to destroy the town.

The players must confront the leaders of the rival oil company in a final showdown at the fracking wells. They will need to use all of their skills and abilities to defeat the company's mercenaries and shut down the fracking operation once and for all. Only by working together and using their wits can the players hope to save their town from destruction.

Will the players be able to stop the forces that threaten Blackstone, or will the town be destroyed by the ancient magic that has been unleashed? Only time will tell in the Williston Chronicles!


Would you play this one shot? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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Bring Out Your Inner Nerd at Sioux Falls' New Game Store!

Are you someone who enjoys playing tabletop games? Having trouble finding that perfect place that caters to your hobby? Turbulent Games is looking to be the newest hangout in Sioux Falls for tabletop nerds.

Keegan Batson and Russell Carlson, originally from the Chicago area, opened Turbulent Games in 2019 in Parker, South Dakota, as a hobby. I recently sat down with Keegan and Russell to get the scoop on their expanding business, from the tiny town of Parker to the biggest city in South Dakota!

From Humble Beginnings…Literally!

Hanna: How did you get the name Turbulent Games?

Keegan: When I was in college, me and a few of my buddies wanted to come up with our own board game company and we had to come up with a name, obviously. The first game we were trying to develop was a skirmish-based tabletop warfare game. It was set in a dystopian future where everything was extremely “turbulent” and I kind of ran with that. I never knew what theme the store would have, but I had this idea of dogfighting with spaceships or airplanes or starfighters or something going on with these ships flying around in the turbulent skies.

Hanna: How did you and Keegan become business partners?

Russell: We had always wanted to start some sort of business together ever since we were in high school. I had decided to move up here to South Dakota because Keegan had just started a family. I knew the business wasn’t going to start as soon as I moved up here, so we had to wait for the right time. As we were waiting for the right time to come, I was thinking about moving back home. I asked Keegan if he was ready to go forward with the plans and he agreed. Without the business there was no point in me staying because I had no wife and children, like Keegan did. But around the time we decided to move forward and open the business, I met and started dating my wife. Four years later, we got married and had our first child. Staying here was one of the best decisions I made.

Hanna: What kind of tabletop games do you offer?

Russell: We sell almost every tabletop game you can think of. We have miniatures which include Warhammer 30k and 40k, Age of Sigmar, BattleTech, Star Wars, and World of Tanks to name a few. There is a large selection of card games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Digimon, and Flesh and Blood. We also have a variety of RPG books, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Starfinder. We encourage everyone to bring in their own tabletop games to play, as we provide tables for you to play on!

Hanna: Can you tell me the history of Turbulent Games?

Keegan: We opened our first location in Parker, South Dakota on February 4th. 2019 in a tiny 200-square-foot shop on Main Street. After six months of operation, we had to expand our business because of how well we were doing. So, Russell and I went to the bank for a loan to build a 900-square-foot facility, and instead they offered to sell their 1,200 square foot building. In less than three years, we outgrew our building in Parker. Russell and I knew it was the time to pull the trigger and move to Sioux Falls. We always wanted to be in Sioux Falls, but we never knew it was going to be this soon.

Hanna: What makes Turbulent Games so unique?

Russell: Keegan and I are a two-man operation. We don’t have any employees, so we each made it a point to introduce ourselves to every new customer that walks into our door. We like to get to know our customers on a personal level. We try to be inviting and approachable with any questions or concerns an individual has.

Hanna: What is your target demographic?

Keegan: Anyone who loves games. You could be someone who’s been playing tabletop games for years or someone who wants to see what we are all about! If you’re someone who wants to come in and ask how to play Magic or Digimon, Russell or I will gladly sit down and teach you! We want to include everyone. 

Hanna: Are there any special events that your business does?

Russell: On Tuesday nights we have hobby night, where people bring in all of their miniatures to paint or build them. We also have a little bit of BattleTech games going on as well. On Wednesday nights we have commander, a format from the card game Magic: The Gathering. On Fridays, we have casual Flesh and Blood gameplay. On Saturdays, we will have casual Digimon night. We still are working out a few other events, but everyone is still welcome to come to the store and hang out during the events!

Turbulent Games is located at 5008 S. Marion Rd, Sioux Falls.



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