Williston's Cultural Corridor Committee is seeking artists to submit designs prior to a community event scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2023. This project is located on the 4th Street West Cultural Corridor between Main Street and 2nd Avenue West.

"Art on the Street, a Community Block Party" is a free event to be held on May 13 in the Service Drug Parking lot (300 block off 1st Avenue West), adjacent to 4th Street.

Selected designs will be used for 7 street art installments along 4th Street West. This includes 2 crosswalks, 1 intersection, and 4 parklet spaces. This is a grant funded project supported by Arts MidWest and the Williston Star Fund.

Selected artists will be paid for their work. Submissions are being received from now until Friday, April 28. Email submissions and questions to onestikrieger@gmail.com

Size restriction is 10' x 12' each.
Designs must promote diversity.
Artists must be 16 years+ and live within 500 miles of Williston.
Only original artwork is accepted and designs can be new or old.
If the design includes text, it must be incorporated.

Designs must not:
* Have been sold or reproduced in any way.
* Be offensive or contain representation of traffic signals or signs.
* Include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, images of illegal activity, or involve attaching objects.
* Advertise or promote business, product or viewpoint.

We have so many talented artists in this area and I can't wait to see what the Cultural Committee chooses for the final selections. We will all find out on May 13!

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