Popular YouTuber, author, VidCon Co-Creator, and resident of Missoula Hank Green recently announced his battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

In a video posted on YouTube last month, Green shared the news with his dedicated fans. In the video, Green expressed optimism, stating, "It's the Cadillac of Lymphoma" further noting it that it is one of the most treatable cancers.  "I'm playing it by ear," Green said in the video. "I know I'm gonna feel like garbage, like it's gonna be really unpleasant." He has since begin chemotherapy treatment to combat the disease.

Green rose to fame by entertaining and educating audiences initially through YouTube, writing most notably a An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor.

While there have been some up days and down dealing with side effects from chemotherapy, Green has continued to take to social media frequently to deliver updates as well as deliver scientific and social insights.

Fans and well-wishers flooded social media with messages of support for Hank Green, sending their thoughts and prayers as he embarks on his cancer treatment journey. The YouTube star's strength and resilience in the face of adversity continue to inspire his millions of followers worldwide.

Hank also has a brother, John Green.

What to know about Hodgkin's Lymphoma:

Hodgkin lymphoma is an uncommon cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, which is a network of vessels and glands spread throughout your body.

The lymphatic system is part of your immune system. Clear fluid called lymph flows through the lymphatic vessels and contains infection-fighting white blood cells, known as lymphocytes.

In Hodgkin lymphoma, B-lymphocytes (a particular type of lymphocyte) start to multiply in an abnormal way and begin to collect in certain parts of the lymphatic system, such as the lymph nodes (glands). The affected lymphocytes lose their infection-fighting properties, making you more vulnerable to infection.

The most common symptom of Hodgkin lymphoma is a painless swelling in a lymph node, usually in the neck, armpit or groin.

Hodgkin lymphoma can develop at any age, but it mostly affects young adults in their early 20s and older adults over the age of 70. Slightly more men than women are affected.

Hodgkin lymphoma is a relatively aggressive cancer and can quickly spread through the body. Despite this, it's also one of the most easily treated types of cancer.

Your recommended treatment plan will depend on your general health and age, because many of the treatments can put a tremendous strain on the body. How far the cancer has spread is also an important factor in determining the best treatment.

The main treatments used are chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy alone. Surgery isn't generally used as a treatment for the condition.

The 5-year relative survival rate of people with localized Hodgkin lymphoma is 93%. If the cancer spreads regionally, the 5-year relative survival rate is 95%. If the cancer has spread to different parts of the body, the 5-year relative survival rate is 83%.

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