Valentine's Day is a day that is filled with romance and is an excellent opportunity to express gratitude and affection to the person you care about.

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However, there are some predators who are taking advantage of this moment to prey on the inhabitants of North Dakota and defraud them. Homeland Security has issued a warning regarding the fact that these con artists are finding new victims.



Homeland Security Issues Scam Alert Warning

At a time when many people in North Dakota are thinking about romantic relationships, an old con that has been updated with a new twist has been making its rounds in the state. But according to the authorities, the people who are at risk of falling victim to these scams are not limited to those who are looking for love on Valentine's Day. Scams involving romantic relationships have the potential to hurt everyone.



According to the United States Secret Service, people who engage in romance scams create fictitious online profiles and make an effort to forge fictitious emotional bonds in order to increase the likelihood that a potential victim will feel comfortable giving them money. A number of criminals have begun employing artificial intelligence techniques in order to compose text messages, as well as to construct photographs and videos of people that appear and sound authentic.




Red Flags To Look Out For With Romance Scams

In spite of the fact that romance scams can impact anyone, the Department of Homeland Security is warning that these con artists are particularly targeting elderly individuals, as well as those who may be experiencing difficulties in their relationships or who are emotionally susceptible. Authorities have provided residents with the following options to make them aware of these scams:

  • Listen to your gut. If the individual seems too good to be true, they probably are.
  • Do not overshare personal information. Requests for inappropriate photos or financial information could later be used to extort you.
  • Do not send money. Never send money, gift cards, or anything of value to anyone you have only communicated with online or by phone.

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