North Dakota had a relatively slow month for spills reported to the state, but that doesn't mean they didn't have an impact on the land.

We dove into Hazconnect to check out the reported spills in the state and saw that the oil industry was not the only culprit.

While some of the spills are exceedingly small, others are almost impossible to comprehend. The state saw two separate 10,000-plus-gallon spills of dry fertilizer, as well as several spills of crude oil that exceeded 1,000 gallons.

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Here are all 82 spills reported to North Dakota for April 2024

Gal: Gallon
BBL: barrel (1 Barrel = 42 gallons)
MCF: Thousand Cubic Feet
Oil/Gas Spill4/28/2024Williams County4/30/2024Used Compressor Oil (0 gal)
Environmental Incident4/29/2024Mountrail County4/30/2024Diesel, 7 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/28/2024McKenzie County4/29/2024Crude Oil: 73 bbl
Environmental Incident4/29/2024Golden Valley County4/29/2024Produced Water: 5 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/28/2024Golden Valley County4/29/2024Crude Oil, 10 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/24/2024Golden Valley County4/29/2024Crude Oil: 104 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/20/2024Mountrail County4/20/2024Produced Water: 80 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/27/2024McKenzie County4/29/2024Produced Water: 70 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/26/2024Williams County4/27/2024Produced Water: 10 gal
Crude Oil, 10 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/26/2024Dunn County4/26/2024Crude Oil: 5 bbl
Environmental Incident4/26/2024Kidder County4/26/2024 n/a
Environmental Incident4/24/2024Mercer County4/26/2024Sulfur dioxide: 812 lbs
Oil/Gas Spill4/25/2024Bottineau County4/26/2024Transformer Oil, 40 gal
Environmental Incident4/22/2024McKenzie County4/25/2024Diesel, 2 gal
Hydraulic Oil, 1 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/24/2024Dunn County4/25/2024C-SUL 600–700 gal
Environmental Incident4/24/2024Dunn County4/25/2024TruBore Bentonite Drilling Fluid, 1 gal
Environmental Incident4/22/2024Cass County4/25/2024Sugar Beet Juice, 125,000 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/20/2024McHenry County4/25/2024other: 45 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/23/2024McKenzie County4/24/2024Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons, 10 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/23/2024Williams County4/24/2024Crude Oil, 4 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/22/2024Bottineau County4/24/2024Produced Water: 30 bbl
Environmental Incident4/22/2024Williams County4/23/2024Ethylene glycol, 2 gal
Environmental Incident4/22/2024Ransom County4/22/2024Urea blend dry fertilizer, 17000 lbs
Environmental Incident4/22/2024Stark County4/22/2024 n/a
Oil/Gas Spill4/21/2024Three Affiliated Tribes4/22/2024Crude Oil: 14 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/22/2024Mountrail County4/22/2024Hydraulic Oil/Fluid: 0 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/22/2024Dunn County4/22/2024TRU-BORE Bentonite Clay, 5 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/17/2024Cass County4/22/2024transformer oil, 2 gal
Environmental Incident4/22/2024Burleigh County4/22/2024Diluted Magnesium Chloride, 160 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/21/2024McKenzie County4/22/2024Crude Oil: 16 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/21/2024Bottineau County4/22/2024Crude Oil: 153 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/21/2024Williams County4/22/2024Crude Oil: 15 bbl
Produced Water: 15 bbl
Environmental Incident4/21/2024Mountrail County4/22/2024 n/a
Oil/Gas Spill4/20/2024Billings County4/20/2024Crude Oil: 8 bbl
Environmental Incident4/20/2024Dunn County4/20/2024Urea blend dry fertilizer, 46,000 lbs
Oil/Gas Spill4/19/2024McKenzie County4/20/2024Crude Oil, 30 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/19/2024Bowman County4/19/2024Crude Oil: 15 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/17/2024Divide County4/18/2024Crude Oil: 1 bbl
Environmental Incident4/17/2024Williams County4/18/2024Crude Oil: 0 bbl
Environmental Incident4/18/2024Williams County4/18/2024Unknown: 100 gal
Environmental Incident4/15/2024Billings County4/16/2024
Oil/Gas Spill4/14/2024Bowman County4/15/2024Crude Oil, 10 bbl
Environmental Incident4/15/2024Ward County4/15/2024Diesel, 100 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/14/2024McKenzie County4/15/2024
Oil/Gas Spill4/13/2024Three Affiliated Tribes4/14/2024
Environmental Incident4/13/2024McKenzie County4/14/2024Triethylene Glycol, 6 gal
Environmental Incident4/13/2024Williams County4/14/2024Crude Oil, 3 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/12/2024Williams County4/13/2024
Oil/Gas Spill4/12/2024Dunn County4/13/2024Crude Oil: 2 bbl
Produced Water: 2 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/11/2024Williams County4/12/2024
Environmental Incident4/11/2024Nelson County4/12/2024Glufosinate Ammonium, 250 gal
Environmental Incident4/11/2024Mountrail County4/11/2024Fuel: 0 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/10/2024McKenzie County4/11/2024 n/a
Environmental Incident4/10/2024McKenzie County4/11/2024 n/a
Oil/Gas Spill4/4/2024Williams County4/11/2024Crude Oil: 3 bbl
Environmental Incident4/11/2024Dunn County4/11/2024 n/a
Oil/Gas Spill4/11/2024Cass County4/11/2024Petroleum Oil, 1 gal
Environmental Incident4/9/2024Williams County4/9/2024Crude Oil, 1 gal
Environmental Incident4/8/2024McKenzie County4/9/2024Natural Gas: 960 gal
Environmental Incident4/8/2024Cass County4/8/2024Diesel, 15 gal
Environmental Incident3/3/2024Mountrail County4/8/2024Diesel, 50 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/6/2024McKenzie County4/8/2024 n/a
Environmental Incident4/6/2024McKenzie County4/8/2024Saltwater: 160 bbl
Saltwater: 160 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/6/2024McKenzie County4/8/2024Crude Oil, 2 gal
Environmental Incident4/5/2024Williams County4/8/2024 n/a
Oil/Gas Spill4/7/2024Three Affiliated Tribes4/8/2024Produced Water: 1 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/5/2024Divide County4/5/2024Crude Oil: 1 bbl
Produced Water: 6 bbl
Environmental Incident4/5/2024Mountrail County4/5/2024Antifreeze, 1 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/4/2024McKenzie County4/5/2024Crude Oil: 1 bbl
Environmental Incident4/4/2024Cass County4/5/2024Liquid fertilizer, 100 gal
Environmental Incident4/5/2024Ward County4/5/2024Diesel: 500 gal
Environmental Incident4/4/2024Mountrail County4/4/2024Bentonite, 150 gal
Oil/Gas Spill4/3/2024McKenzie County4/4/2024Emulsion: 52 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/3/2024Stark County4/4/2024Produced Water: 5 bbl
Crude Oil: 5 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill10/26/2023Sargent County4/3/2024Diesel, 3 gal
Environmental Incident4/3/2024Mountrail County4/3/2024Native Soil &
Water: 3 gal
Oil/Gas Spill2/27/2024Ward County4/2/2024Crude Oil: 5 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/2/2024Cass County4/2/2024Diesel, 50 gal
Fuel: 50 gal
Oil/Gas Spill3/29/2024Dunn County4/2/2024Diesel: 187 bbl
Oil/Gas Spill4/1/2024Mountrail County4/1/2024Crude Oil: 2 bbl
Produced Water: 8 bbl
Environmental Incident3/29/2024McKenzie County4/1/2024Source Water: 148 bbl

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