If you shop at Sam's Club, you'll soon likely see a big change when you try to leave the store.  The company recently made an announcement that will affect how you leave the store with your items.

For people who are not fans of A.I., this won't be good news.

What Changes Are Coming To Sam's Clubs?

Customers' main grievances with the business are that it takes an eternity to check out and stand in line.

Customers must wait for a Sam's Club employee to inspect their carts due to the lengthy checkout queues before they may leave the store.

Sam's Club To Close Over 60 Stores

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In response to its dissatisfied patrons, Sam's Club decided to implement certain modifications.

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Sam's Club revealed earlier this week that when you check out of their stores, artificial intelligence equipment would be installed to scan your products.

This AI technology is already integrated in stores at about 20% of their 599 sites.

Prior to the use of this new A.I. technology, member specialists would slow down Sam Club members by going over their receipts and inspecting their carts.

Sam Club launched an AI prototype program as a result.

Compared to the standard checkout process, Sam's Club's trial program allowed consumers to exit the shop 23% faster.

New AI technology is being introduced at Sam's Club checkout. By the end of the year, they plan to implement the change nationwide. This technology is designed to be "a natural extension" of Scan & Go usage at the gas station, cafe, and checkout.

How this will impact the current Sam's Club staff. Will this new A.I. technology replace their jobs?

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