As a true North Dakotan, I can proudly declare that we are some of the most patient and nicest people you will ever meet. However, like anyone else, certain things can irk us. This morning, I took to our Facebook page to ask my fellow North Dakotans a simple question: "What is something that will always annoy a true North Dakotan?" The responses were both amusing and enlightening.

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One recurring annoyance is when people express their disdain for North Dakota and boast about how much better it is "back home." We take pride in our state and its unique charm and such comments can rub us the wrong way.

Another source of irritation is when outsiders inquire about our favorite fishing or hunting spots. These are cherished secrets, and we prefer to keep them to ourselves.

Offering directions without using cardinal directions or simple left-right-straight terms can be perplexing. North Dakotans are known for their down-to-earth approach to navigation, and such complex instructions often fall on deaf ears.

When people reminisce about how things were done "back home," it can be irksome. We believe in embracing the North Dakota way of life.

This one is my favorite! (Took right from the Facebook Post) This wasn’t annoying, but pretty funny. We were in Vegas and were in an elevator with another women. She was middle aged, classy dressed and very friendly. She asked where we were from. When we said ‘North Dakota’ she just looked at us and said ‘where exactly is that located from South Dakota?’ We said ‘North.’ We were polite and held the laughter until we got off the elevator.

Finally, there's the perennial issue of misspelling "Bismarck." North Dakotans are particular about the correct spelling of their capital city, and it's Bismarck, not Bismark!

North Dakotans may be patient and polite, but we have our limits. While we may chuckle at some of the questions and comments we encounter, these are the little things that can annoy us. However, we remain some of the friendliest and most accommodating people you'll ever meet, even in the face of these minor irritations.

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