During his State of the State speech Burgum announced that Continental Resources founder Harold Hamm has completed a gift of $50 million to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation. The donation is approximately half of the $100 million in private investment that has been raised with the help of a $50 million endowment approved by the 2019 legislature

Harold Hamm

This interactive, state-of-the-art, world-class facility will be more than more than just a book repository. The Foundation's vision is that it will be a catalyst to greater learning and understanding, an institution built to last and to share Roosevelt’s principles of leadership, citizenship and

The Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation is working and partnering with the
National Park Service, to reimagine what is already North Dakota's most visited place, the
Painted Canyon Visitor Center.

The Center, which was built in the 1960s, is currently open for only about 6 months a year, and features a significantly outdated cinder block construction. In partnership with North Dakota Department of Transportation, the NPS, the National Park Foundation, and local partners, The Foundation is seeking to create a 12-month facility and far exceed the 1 million visitors record set in 1972.

The ultimate goal is for Painted Canyon Visitor Center to continue to inspire visitors of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park to learn more about only one of the nation's 63 national parks is named after a person, versus a place.

For more information on the Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation, the plans for the library itself, our about the nation's 26th president, visit their website.

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