Styled by a Child is an innovative and engaging fashion fundraiser for the North Dakota Women’s Network (NDWN).

During the week of May 8-12, 2023 they ask adults to hand over control of their closet and all styling decisions to the young people in their life. Then, the adult Team Captains will post a photo of themselves wearing these kiddo-curated styles online and wear the outfit everywhere for that day.

Teams set a fundraising goal and ask friends and family to donate for the five days of styling.

They will end the week with a virtual fashion show featuring our fabulous fundraising teams!

How Can You Participate? 

1) Create a Style Team
If you want to become a Team Captain and 'model' for the week, you'll be able to create your own Style Team.
Team Captains will determine their team's name and fundraising goal; schedule a meeting with their Child Stylist to select outfits; provide daily updates with photos of themselves modeling the Child-designed looks; promote Styled by a Child and their team's fundraising progress.

2) Join a Style Team
If you want to support a Styled by a Child team without acting as a team captain, you can do that too!
Style Teams can include a Team Captain/Model, Child Stylist, and other individuals who are a part of a team and help promote the Styled by a Child fundraiser and help their Team Captain raise awareness and get donations.

3) Donate to a Style Team
For the week of May 8 - May 12th, participants across North Dakota will be working to raise funds for the North Dakota Women's Network via Styled by a Child fundraising teams.
You can donate to a specific SBAC team or contribute to several style campaigns.

They're looking to raise $8,000 for the NDWN to continue their advocacy efforts, equality and civic-focused programming, Period Project and more.

To learn more and for instructions on how to become a Team Captain, set up a campaign, or join a fundraising teams, visit:

To donate to the Styled by a Child fundraiser or a specific Styled by a Child team, visit:

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