Over the past two years KEYZ has been fortunate enough to get weekly weather updates and insights from who we affectionately call our "Local Weather Expert" Meteorologist Amber Wheeler.

Always the weather nerd who was willing to get into sometimes hour long conversations, rabbit holes, and lessons about the greater intricacies with weather is on to a new adventure on to New Orleans to be part of a new weather team to keep the people of Louisiana informed about impending weather and especially hurricanes.

The circumstances that brought Amber to be our local weather expert came in the early summer of 2021 when the KEYZ News team decided that an expert opinion was needed to properly talk about the historic drought that had not only affected North Dakota but the rest of the region.

During the intense storms that affected the area in the summer of 2021 that brought torrential rain, damaging winds, and funnel clouds, KEYZ was live on the air while texting Amber back and forth giving her information that we would the KX weather team deliver on air, as well as get up to data from their team in Bismarck to relay to our listening area to keep everyone safe and informed as possible.

After the drought had subsided, the conversations morphed into explaining a little more of why the weather we see happens and not just your usual 10 day forecast.  Amber always delivered a masterclass in information in a consumable way that what both informative and engaging.

We would like to thank Amber for taking the time out of her day every week for the last to years to be an important part of the information that we deliver.

Best of luck in NOLA, Amber.

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