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UPDATE: September 8, 2022 A probe into a massive pipeline spill is continuing.

Hess Corporation reported the leak of produced water August 15th from the pipeline eight miles north of Ray.

Regulators now say the spill is believed to be among the largest in history.  State environmental officials say there is evidence of local groundwater contamination.

Produced water is made up of saltwater, oil, and drilling chemicals.

ORIGINAL STORY: August 24, 2022 State regulators are investigating the spill of oilfield wastewater from a broken pipeline in northwestern North Dakota.

The pipeline’s owner, Hess Corporation, reported the saltwater spill approximately eight miles northwest of Ray initially on August 15 but by Monday, August 22 had revised their report to regulators to indicate that the pipeline is believed to have begun leaking on July 21.

Hess initially estimated approximately 200 barrels (8,400 gallons) of produced water released from a 6-inch flexible, steel-reinforced composite pipeline. Following additional investigation, Hess increased that estimate Monday to 34,000 barrels (1.4 million gallons).

It was not immediately known what caused the leak to the pipeline.

A release from the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality says the spill impacted surrounding farmland. Officials also stated that no surface water impacts have been observed, but that there is evidence of localized groundwater contamination.

Personnel from the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality are investigating the incident and will continue to monitor the cleanup. The North Dakota Industrial Commission Oil and Gas Division is also investigating this incident.

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