After my trip to Arizona, I feel like I can finally get back into the swing of things behind the wheel. All the lanes, all of the vehicles, and the exit ramps are too much for a North Dakota boy! At times, Phoenix is extremely difficult to drive in. Williston certainly has a much better traffic situation with a few challenges. There are several roads in town that can be difficult to navigate, which prompted me to wonder, which intersections in Williston are the most hazardous.

I went to Heather Cook, the Public Information Officer for the Williston Police Department, for all the answers. Her findings shed some light on a few key areas that are known for having a lot of accidents. Cook said that the crossings along Dakota Parkway West have gotten a bad reputation for being places where accidents happen often.
Dakota Parkway/11th St.

Accidents have happened most often at places like 32nd Street and W Dakota Parkway, 9th Ave NW and W Dakota Parkway, 11th Street and Dakota Parkway West, and 26th Street and 2nd Ave West. Even though these places are important routes, they have made it very hard for drivers to get around Williston's busy streets.

To make sure everyone on the road is safe, you need to be extra aware, and careful, and follow traffic rules when going through these locations. As people in Williston continue to drive on these roads, Heather Cook's comments serve as a warning of how important it is to drive safely. We can all work together to make these areas that are prone to accidents safer for everyone by staying alert and driving defensively.

There are more bad roads and intersections in Williston. Let me know your thoughts on our social media pages.

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