This particular season is one of my most cherished times of the year. To ensure that their city or county can host a wonderful event over the summer, local fair organizations are currently finishing up their preparations for the upcoming season. Some continue to bring in first-rate entertainment, and here is yet another announcement to add to the enjoyment you might have this summer.

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It was just yesterday that the Sheridan County Fair in Plentywood, Montana, announced their concert headliner. It is time to dust off your boots and get ready to dance the night away, for the Sheridan County Fair Board has announced that they will be hosting Little Texas, the hottest country music band of the 1990s, to the 2024 fair!

These southern sensations hit the ground running with their debut album, "First Time for Everything," written, recorded, and performed by the band members. Little Texas quickly became one of the hottest country acts of the decade, with catchy tunes that dominated the airwaves and a fresh sound that set them apart from the rest. Fast forward 33 years and the band is still going strong, writing and co-writing every song they record and perform. Their iconic hits like "Some Guys Have All the Love," "My Love," and the beloved "God Bless Texas" have country fans across the globe two-stepping and singing along.


The concert is set for July 27, 2024, and tickets go on sale March 17.

  • General Admission - $30.00
  • VIP Tickets - $60.00

Don't miss your chance to catch these legends live!

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