Listen, nobody's judging; this isn't even a contest. It is high time we recognize North Dakota's supremacy.

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Indeed, South Dakota is home to the posh Mount Rushmore, where the enormous busts of former presidents gaze indifferently into space. If you're like that kind of thing, I suppose it's impressive.

Let us, however, focus on what is truly important: the breathtaking natural beauty of North Dakota. When you have the magical Badlands, who needs rock carvings of faces anyway? Though both North and South Dakota feature hills, it is North Dakota's expansive, undulating prairies that will have you singing "Home on the Range."

Regarding the weather, I will not even begin. The state of South Dakota experiences summers that are hot and uncomfortable and winters that are frigid. The weather in North Dakota, meanwhile, is somewhat unpredictable.

You can be enjoying the sunshine one minute and fighting off a blizzard the next. We'd rather be living this risky life than any other way.

Cultural discussions, please. North Dakota has more to offer than South Dakota in terms of attractions, but South Dakota has more in the way of charm. We have welcoming locals, delicious food, and a feeling of belonging that is as balmy as the summer weather.

And by the way, have you ever had scrapple? It's like an unwanted love child of spam and bologna that were raised by feral wolves.

So, everyone, that's all there is to it. Those who deny that North Dakota is the better Dakota are obviously living in a fantasy world. It's time to face reality: North Dakota is the undisputed queen of the Dakotas.

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