This fits perfectly with the article I posted last week about introducing scratch tickets in North Dakota. Did you miss that? Click here to check it out. Which states in the US have the strongest winning cultures? In anticipation of the 2023 American Gambling Awards, decided to develop an index that considers motivation and optimism to identify the US states that genuinely possess the winning attitude.

According to the index, Alaska has the most winning mindset in the United States, with Montana coming in second and Washington in third.
Tennessee and Ohio are next on the ranking, with West Virginia at the bottom with the lowest index score among the categories examined.
The top businesses, executives, and organizations in the US online gambling market will be honored at the 2023 American Gambling Awards in New York City. In light of this, looked into which US states in 2023 are home to most Americans with a winning mentality.

After examining four characteristics that are frequently linked to having a winning mentality in each of the 50 US states—motivation, optimism, self-confidence, and bravery—a winning mentality index was developed to find this (this factor was attributed to new business startups in each state, as starting a new business requires bravery).

Based on the overall index score for each of the four factors that were examined, the states are ranked in the following table:

Which states in the US have the strongest winning cultures?

  • South Dakota (23)
  • Minnesota (22)
  • North Dakota (15)
  • Montana (2)

Despite not ranking best in any of the categories examined, the research revealed that Alaska has the greatest winning mindset in the United States, with the highest index score among the fifty states! With an index score of 2.831, Montana comes in second, closely followed by Washington in third place with a score of 2.763.

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