The digital pull tabs that are being used all around the state of North Dakota are generating a lot of revenue.

Scott Haugen
Scott Haugen
E-Tab Winner

According to US News, the state has experienced an increase in the number of residents using the machines since their introduction in 2018. During the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2018, E-tabs generated almost $2 billion in total proceeds from cash and replayed winnings, which resulted in the contribution of $205 million to charitable organizations. Of this amount, a little over $72 million was dedicated expressly for philanthropic reasons. More than 687 million dollars worth of cash was contributed to e-tabs by participants throughout the fiscal year 2023.

Scott Haugen
Scott Haugen

When you add in the lottery, paper tabs, blackjack, bingo, and traditional casinos, you can safely say that we definitely have a healthy appetite for gambling.

This morning at the radio station, the question "When will we get scratchers" was raised. "When will we get scratchers?"


Our neighbors to the west who live in Montana have access to the lottery, as well as digital machines and scratch tickets. On their website, the Montana Lottery reports that sales of their scratch tickets had generated slightly over 19 million dollars in income. The website for the Minnesota Lottery indicates that sales of scratch tickets totaled $545.7 million. In addition, scratch tickets can be purchased in South Dakota. According to KELO, the amount received by the state was greater than $5 million. Even if these figures are lower than anticipated, they nevertheless represent a significant sum of money.

So, the question remains...Should North Dakota offer scratch tickets? Let us know on our social media pages.

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