A website called Mind Your Dollars has come up with "The Most Underrated Attraction" in every state.  I did a story not too long ago about "The Most Overrated Attraction" in every state and you can read all about that here.  I didn't agree with that one either.

When I read the Mind Your Dollars article choice for "The Most Underrated Attraction" in every state I could tell immediately the author obviously had never been to our state.  Why?  Because they named the ENTIRE state "The Most Underrated Attraction".  Yep, they made mention of Fargo, Bismarck, Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Park but the dead giveaway is that they know nothing about North Dakota.  They said, "no matter where you stop in North Dakota you'll see breathtaking scenery."

Alright, that's pouring it on a little thick.  Yes, central and western North Dakota has some scenic spots, but 98% of eastern North Dakota is flat as a pancake.  Unless you like the look of sugarbeet fields eastern North Dakota is pretty vanilla.  This is coming from somebody who was born and raised in the Red River Valley.

In case you're wondering, the article had a specific spot for every other state except us.  Once again, that tells me they know absolutely nothing about North Dakota.

If I had to pick "The Most Underrated Attraction in North Dakota" it would be?

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

Painted Canyon Nature Trail which is on I 94 right before Medora.  Tigger and BEC from our morning show agree with me.  Everybody knows about Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but don't overlook Painted Canyon.  Just remember to watch out for rattlesnakes if you decided to stop during the warm weather.

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