Exciting news for voters in Williams County! Absentee ballots for the June primary are now available. You can pick up your ballot from the Williams County Auditor's Office between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, until June 10. For those who have already applied, the auditor’s office will begin mailing out ballots promptly.

If you haven't applied for an absentee ballot yet, don't worry—there's still time. Visit the Williams County Elections website to find more information, view a sample ballot, or complete your application.

Here are some important points to remember when voting absentee:

  • Casting Your Ballot: Voting via absentee ballot allows you to vote before Election Day, but your vote will only be counted on Election Day.
  • Mailing Deadline: June 3 is the last day the Auditor’s Office will mail out absentee ballots to applicants.
  • Submission Deadline: Absentee ballots must be submitted by 5 pm on June 10, 2024. You can deliver them to the Auditor's Office counter or drop them in one of the secure drop boxes located around Williams County.
  • Mailing Back: Votes must have a postmark by June 10, 2024, if returning by mail. If you mail your ballot on June 10, ask for it to be “hand-cancelled” at the post office.
  • Poll Acceptance: Absentee ballots are not accepted at polling stations on Election Day.

On Election Day, June 11, eligible voters can cast their votes at the Williston ARC or the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds from 8 am to 7 pm CT. Ensure you vote at your designated Consolidated Precinct Polling Place based on your residence.

For additional details about the primary election, click here.

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