The North Dakota Game and Fish Department, in collaboration with North Dakota State University, is embarking on a significant statewide survey to gauge the economic influence of hunting and fishing activities within the state. This initiative is set to start on Monday, March 11, and aims to comprehensively assess the financial contributions made by hunters and anglers to North Dakota's economy.

How will you participate in this survey?

Keep an eye on your email inbox because selected participants will receive the survey via email, wherein they will be asked to provide detailed information regarding their expenditures associated with hunting and fishing. These expenditures may include but are not limited to, equipment purchases, vehicle expenses, travel costs, accommodations, and other incidental expenses incurred during hunting and fishing trips.

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What is ND Game & Fish hoping to learn?

Through this survey, the Game and Fish Department seeks to develop a thorough understanding of the economic impact generated by these outdoor activities. By accurately capturing the financial contributions of hunters and anglers, the department aims to inform and shape policies that sustainably manage hunting and fishing resources while bolstering the state's economy.

Hunters and anglers selected for participation are urged to participate in the survey. Your input is vital in ensuring that the economic data gathered accurately represents the contributions to North Dakota's economy. Ultimately, the insights gleaned from this survey will play a big role in shaping future strategies and policies related to hunting and fishing in the state.

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