Last week I put out an article that mentioned some towns in North Dakota that are named after someone's first name. The response was unreal. The pride that people had when they were reaching out was amazing. So, let's continue with more "first name" towns in North Dakota.
Ross ND

Ross North Dakota

This fun little town was founded in 1902, and is located in Mountrail County. I have partied in Ross, and it really is a fun town. According to the 2020 census, Ross has 95 people.
Alexander ND

Alexander North Dakota

Welcome to Alexander! Alexander was founded in 1905 and is named after early North Dakota politician Alexander McKenzie. Census data from 2020 shows 319 people call Alexander home.
Stanley ND

Stanley North Dakota

Stanley holds a special in my heart. I can remember going to Stanley to see relatives for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins live close to the school, and we would spend countless hours at the playground. Stanley was founded in 1902 and it's the county seat for Mountrail County. The 2020 census put the population at around 2300.


Ashley North Dakota

Next on our first name towns of North Dakota, we head to Ashley. Ashley was founded way back in 1888 and was named for Ashley E. Morrow, a man associated with the railroad. The 2020 census shows that Ashley has around 600 people.
Douglas ND

Douglas North Dakota

Everyone knows about Douglas, right? I have been here, and some of the best people live here, or nearby. Back in the day, Douglas was like Vegas. What happened here stayed here, especially at the bar. It was founded back in 1906, and the 2020 census data shows that 93 people call this little town in Ward county home.

There are a few more first-name towns in our state. Some are memories, others are still established. They all deserve to be recognized. Don't forget about Dwight, Clifford, Harvey Logan, and Jessie.

If you get the chance, take a drive and get to know more of these communities in North Dakota.

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