Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks (FWP) is on the lookout for up to 12 individuals to join the newly formed statewide River Recreation Advisory Council.

This council aims to create recommendations for managing river recreation and overseeing water-related activities across the state. The focus extends to departmental lands and water bodies under FWP's authority, including fishing access sites.

Montana's rivers are a haven for recreational activities like fishing, hunting, swimming, floating, and both motorized and non-motorized boating.

The growing popularity of these activities has led to challenges such as user conflicts and congestion at access points, sparking debate on how best to manage and allocate river recreation opportunities.

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The advisory council will consist of stakeholders with diverse interests in river recreation. The goal is to facilitate transparent discussions on managing recreation to protect resources and ensure a quality experience for all users.

The council will convene for a three-day workshop from October 16 to 18. Additionally, virtual meetings may be held in October, with a final virtual meeting scheduled for early November to present the council's recommendations.

FWP encourages applications from anyone passionate about natural resource issues and water-related outdoor recreation. Interested individuals can download and complete the application from the FWP website.

Applications are due by August 2.

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