If you compare North Dakota to other states, there really aren't many crime-riddled towns. We certainly aren't experiencing the crimes we see in places like Detroit, Chicago, New York, and other big cities. I'd like to think we have it pretty good.

Loving Where We Live

For the most part, everyone loves living in North Dakota; we are very North Dakota proud here. That said, a company called Money Inc. put together a list of the worst places to live in North Dakota.

They looked at crime rates, unemployment, property prices and a bunch of other things to put the list together.

Here's what they found.


5 Of The Worst Places To Live In ND

Here are some of the worst places to live in our state.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

Beyond The Top Five

Those are the top five worst places to live in North Dakota, according to Money Inc., but their list went into the top 20. So, what other cities made the list?

Mandan ranked pretty high -- it was listed as the 7th worst town in North Dakota. This is largely due to crime.

Last year, Mandan had the THIRD-HIGHEST rape cases in the state.

Grand Forks came in at number 9, Dickinson was ranked at number 14, and Bismarck came in at number 18 on the list. To find out why check out the full article.


Of course, we should absolutely take this list with a grain of salt, because only North Dakotans know what it's like living in North Dakota.

Question: How do you feel about the list? What are your thoughts? Do you think any of it feels pretty accurate?  -- Send us a message in the app and let us know.


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