North Dakota has done it again! Already holding the Guinness World Record for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place, the state has now set another record in a much warmer and sweeter category.

Last weekend, Fort Stevenson State Park in Garrison celebrated its 50th anniversary by successfully breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Most People Making S'mores Simultaneously.

A Delicious Celebration at Fort Stevenson State Park

On Saturday, May 18, Fort Stevenson State Park opened its gates to welcome s'mores enthusiasts from all over. The park, which has been a beloved recreational area for five decades, marked this milestone with a record-setting event that brought together 1,150 people, surpassing the goal of 892 participants needed to break the previous record.

A Family-Friendly Fun Fest

This record-setting event was packed with fun for the whole family. While participants focused on making their s'mores, the spectator area offered a comfort station and grassy space perfect for families with young kids. Attendees enjoyed tunes from a DJ, treats from food trucks, and the vibrant atmosphere of a community coming together to make history.

Be Part of History

S'mores lovers and history enthusiasts alike came together for this memorable event. With the official adjudicator on-site to verify the record, the excitement was palpable as everyone waited for the final count. The successful attempt added a new chapter to North Dakota's record-breaking legacy, making sweet memories for all involved.

So, to all those who participated, congratulations on setting a new Guinness World Record! Your efforts have made Fort Stevenson State Park's 50th anniversary a truly historic celebration.

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