Montana faces higher rates of alcohol consumption and substance abuse compared to other states.

Montana Alcohol Survey Overview

To evaluate the impact of prevention efforts, a baseline survey was conducted in 2014-2015, examining Montanans' attitudes toward alcohol consumption in their communities.

The survey named the Alcohol Perception Survey (APS), targeted residents aged 18 and older, with 800 responses obtained through random selection.

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Alcohol Survey Results

Underage Drinking In Montana

    • 45% see youth drinking as a significant problem.
    • 65% believe it's easy for youth to access alcohol.
    • 15% think parents should be able to buy alcohol for underage children.
    • 55% believe laws against selling alcohol to youth are adequately enforced.

Drinking and Driving In Montana

    • 56% view adult drinking and driving as a severe problem.
    • 41% see youth drinking and driving as severe.
    • 57% think drinking and driving laws are adequately enforced.

Binge Drinking In Montana

    • 94% consider youth binge drinking dangerous.
    • 75% believe adult binge drinking is somewhat dangerous.
    • 42% see youth binge drinking as a severe problem.

Alcohol Promotion In Montana

    • 46% think there are too many alcohol advertisements.
    • 74% believe drink promotions encourage excessive drinking.

Support for Prevention Efforts In Montana

    • 77% support increased enforcement of alcohol-related laws.
    • 63% support enacting new laws addressing alcohol abuse.
    • 95% support educating people about alcohol consequences.
    • 90% support raising awareness of problems and costs related to alcohol abuse.

The survey provides valuable insights into Montanans' attitudes, forming a basis for evaluating perception changes over time.

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services addresses this issue through prevention initiatives supported by federal funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership For Success grant, awarded to DPHHS, focuses on preventing underage drinking and prescription drug misuse among Montanans aged 12 to 25.

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