You may still occasionally hear the phrase "Attention shoppers" in some shops in North Dakota, but their meaning may represent more than a broken jar of marinara.

Typically, this declaration is followed by details regarding a sale or special pricing that is available for a short period of time.

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For the protection of customers inside, emergency announcements occasionally need to be delivered over the business intercom. Knowing what these coded announcements mean will help you respond appropriately if you ever hear one. Do you know the code for a dangerous situation in a store?

Stores may have these codes in order to alert staff before they make an announcement to shoppers

Important messages are frequently color-coded at retail establishments. These coded alerts could refer to anything from a retail injury to a weather-related disaster or perhaps worse. What many of these codes imply at a store like Walmart are explained in an intriguing Quora thread.

  • Code Black: Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Code White: Injury On-Site
  • Code Brown: An Act of Violence
  • Code Green: Hostage Situation
  • Code Blue: A Bomb Threat
  • Code Red: A Fire
  • Code Orange: Chemical Hazard
  • Code Adam: Lost Child

What does "Code Brown mean"?

We're not playing around. An employee is attempting to alert customers to a violent act occurring within the store if they hear a "Code Bown" announcement while they are shopping. You should leave the area until the issue is resolved. run, don't walk. Keep your cool and resist going into a panic.

Other codes you may hear

It's common knowledge that "clean-up needed in aisle 6" is a phrase. According to, you might hear other codes when shopping at Walmart or a store of a similar kind than color codes. Numerous establishments have unique announcements and methods for calling cashiers to the front of the line. Others have numbers.

  • Code 1: A shoplifter
  • Code 10: Wet Spill Cleanup
  • Code 20: Dry Spill Cleanup
  • Code 50: Bring In Shopping Carts

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