The 20 Worst Places To Live In Montana For 2024

Montana residents are a fiercely proud group of people.

We love our state very very much, but we're also a very honest group of people.

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It's that honesty that I think will allow us to look at this list of cities and towns and perhaps nod our head and say "yeah that makes sense."

Here's the thing about that though as well, we're allowed to do that, because they are our towns.

It's a bit like family, you can tease your own brother or sister relentlessly, but the minute someone else comes along and says the same exact thing, our defenses go up pretty quickly.

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A flat palm stopping a fist in defense

Are These Really The Worst Places To Live In Montana?

The website Money Inc. puts out a list each year highlighting the 20 worst cities to live in each state in America.

It's not just Money Inc. that compiled the list though, they looked at Roadsnacks and even Reddit comments to come up with their list.

Crime, property values, school rankings and a host of other factors also went into the mix to get the list.

When you factor all that into the equation, you can understand how some places made the list, but there are definitely some places that will leave you scratching your head.

Do you agree with their list? Let us know through our app or email me after you check out the gallery below.

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