Cookie sales are in full swing with our area Girl Scouts. I have seen many kids selling these delectable delights with their parents behind them every step of the way. I know several families with girl scout members, and I am amazed by their drive, and how focused each girl is on achieving their goal.

Falon Justice/Facebook
Falon Justice/Facebook
Lots of Cookies

That said, when the conversation comes up about each family favorite, things can get a bit heated. So what do you prefer? Thin Mints, Tag Alongs, Samoas? My favorite is the Lemon Ups.

Taste of Home published an article back in January about the most Girl Scout cookies each state preferred. You can check out the full article here. I was genuinely surprised. According to data combined and tabulated by Google Trends, the entire country, aside from a handful of outliers, agrees on ONE absolute favorite.
Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

If you said Thin Mints, you would be correct! Keep in mind, this is based on the most searched...but it does provide a solid direction as to what residents in each state actually like the most.

The Williston Girl Scouts are still out in full force selling cookies. They have extended their selling window to April 3. Several troops are selling in Williston, and money raised could be used for a troop trip, a service project, or a donation to another organization. So as the weekend approaches and you find yourself making your weekly grocery list, be sure to include milk, and be sure to be on the lookout for these pint-size cookie sellers.

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